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For sale steel constructions label


  We invite investors to acquire a company which manufactures construction elements for industrial construction, silos, tanks of all kinds, containers, steel chimneys, bridges and halls. The production capacity of the company is 200 - 300 tons per month.

Company description:

  • plant is open, has a portfolio of orders and employs 75 highly qualified and experienced employees who will continue to provide work;
  • is open from 2002;
  • is located in the province Wielkopolskie;
  • service catalog also has welding and locksmith services, construction painting, cnc oxygen cutting, sheet metal working (cutting, bending, straightening), manual and automated blasting, non-destructive testing (VT, PT, UT), oversized transport.

The advantages of acquiring this business:

  •        company is located on a plot of 3 100 m2;
  •        plot is located in an industrial zone about 0.5 km from the city center;
  •        production and administration building occupy 1/3 of the plot area;
  •        remaining part are communication roads, a parking lot and a storage yard with a 1 000 m2;
  •        buildings located on the plot are connected to the water supply and sewage system;
  •        electricity is supplied from a transformer station owned by the company.


In the price of a ready business enters:

  • machines and devices such as a hole squeezer, guillotines, hydraulic bending machine, rollers, radial drilling machine, column drills, stationary drills, cnc gas burner, hydraulic press, semi-automatic welding machines including a magician, four-turbine shot-blasting machine, seven-burner plate cutter;
  • production hall consisting of a surface (2500m2, width 25 m, length 100 m), equipped with electrical installation and lighting, cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 and 8 tons, welding stations equipped with burners and technical gases (oxygen, argon, CO2, acetylene mixture);
  • painter's shop consisting of a shot-blasting chamber, painting aggregates for hydrodynamic painting, a 5-ton crane;
  • storage and loading shed consists of a paved area, lighting, a 5 ton crane;
  • handing over the entire customer base along with all suppliers;
  • qualified team that has been working in this industry for many years.



  • 15 000 000 PLN selling price;

 If you are looking for a serious business for years, it is worth paying attention to this offer! This business guarantee will bring huge income to its owner!