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Trading company, forestry and agriculture, horticulture - AgroLas Co LLC


The company started its business activity on December 31, 1990 as a general partnership, and from January 2, 2019, business activity is conducted in the form of a limited liability company. The company deals with field and container nursery, forest seed production, tree plantations and the sale of machinery and equipment used in forestry and horticulture. Currently, the company employs 4 people who speak Russian and English.


The main customer of the company, generating approx. 80% of revenues, is the State Forests. About 10% of revenues are the result of sales to foreign markets.

The price includes:

  • know-how and contacts with business partners in Poland on foreign markets
  • commercial, technical and financial documentation, as well as the knowledge and experience of employees, supported by references from 30 years of operating on the markets
  • commercial goods, office, service and warehouse equipment (with exemptions*)
  • orders placed by customers in progress

*Exemptions include cash in a bank account and cash balance at the company's cash desk and means of transport (cars + service trailer with equipment).


AgroLas Co. sp. z. o. o. after the sale will function under its own name or in conjunction with an additional element added by the buyer as a result of: merger, change of legal form, etc. The company will retain the current address and all associated attributes.

From the date of purchase, the buyer takes over the company's warranty obligations (according to delivery contracts) and will provide post-warranty services for machines and devices delivered by the company in the territory of Poland, Ukraine, and with the logistic support of their manufacturer in Kazakhstan.

The buyer will continue cooperation with the company's trade partners in Lithuania and Belarus in the scope of contracts for the supply of machines and spare parts from their manufacturers during the warranty and post-warranty period.

All fees related to the sale of the company and the introduction of changes to the National Court Register are on the buyer's side.