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Conditions for obtaining a temporary residence permit for education

 Foreigners who want to study in Poland can obtain a residence card on this basis. For this you must submit an application for a temporary residence permit at the Voivodeship Office. The application must be accompanied by the necessary documents, including the document:

  • which confirms undertaking or pursuing education
  • tuition fees information letter, proof of payment of tuition fees
  • confirmation of payment of stamp duty for the application (340 zł)
  • four current photographs
  • two photocopy of a valid travel document
  • documents confirming holding of health insurance
  • possession of necessary funds to support in Poland.

 To calculate the amount of funds that you must have, you need up to PLN 10,515 (resulting from the multiplication of the legally required amount of PLN 701 for 15 months) possession of necessary funds to cover travel expenses back to home or residence country (200 PLN for a neighbouring country citizen; 500 PLN for a citizen of other EU country; 2,500 PLN for other citizens) housing costs and tuition costs. A confirmation document may be, for example, a certificate of the amount of financial resources on your bank account or a document confirming the grant of a domestic or foreign scholarship with an indication of the period and amount of the benefit.

 The first temporary resident permit for studies for the foreigner taking-up the studies at the territory of the Republic of Poland during the first year of education is granted for the period of 15 months. When the studies justify the residence of the foreigner at the territory of the Republic of Poland for the period not exceeding 15 months, the first permit is granted for the period of academic year or of the studies, extended by 3 months. Upon obtaining this permit, the foreigner may perform the work in Poland without the need for obtaining the work permit.