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What can we do in the electronic tax service?

 On February 1, 2021, the Ministry of Finance opened a new electronic tax service(e-Urząd). Through the electronic system, a taxpayer can resolve many issues online, staying at home, on any device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The heads of the labor office information

 The Heads of the Labor Office information about the impossibility to meet the employer's staffing needs is usually issued before the obtaining a work permit. This is a document that confirms that there are no suitable candidates for the given position among those registered at the labor office as an unemployed person, as well as confirms that the salary and requirements are appropriate in comparison with the local market.

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License for road transport in the field of brokering the transport of passengers

 From 1 January 2020 a new type of license has appeared in Polish law, regarding brokerage in the transport of passengers. The intermediaries under this license may be entrepreneurs who, using, for example, mobile applications or websites, transfer orders for the transport of passengers. This also applies to entities that enable the conclusion of a transport contract, charge for the transport or allow the payment of such a fee. In order to obtain a license, an application should be submitted to the General Inspectorate of Road Transport in Warsaw.

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Removal a VAT taxpayer from the VAT Register

 The Tax Law allows the head of the tax office to remove an active VAT taxpayer from the VAT register according the Act of March 11, 2004 on tax on goods and services. Until 2017, the head of the tax office had the right to remove a taxpayer from the VAT register only in a few cases:

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Calculation of PIT in Poland

 The period from the second half of February to the end of April is the statutory deadline for calculating the personal income tax. In the Polish tax system, there are several declarations that the taxpayer chooses depending on the source of income.

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