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White list of VAT payers from September 2019

 Since September 2019, the so-called "White list of VAT payers" has begun to operate. It will contain information about registration, cancellation of registration and VAT status of TAX Payer in Poland, as well as bank account numbers of entrepreneurs. Payments to the account other than those indicated on the "White List" will be sanctioned.

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From November were introduced changes to the split payment mechanism

 From the 1 of November 2019 were introduced changes to the operation of the split payment mechanism, which concerns VAT. For some groups of goods and services, use of this mechanism will be mandatory!

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Duties and responsibilities of the board in the event of the company's insolvency

 The bankruptcy of the company is a typical case with the loss of payment capacity. When a company goes bankrupt, its management is required to file for bankruptcy. At the end of this article we will list the circumstances when the company can be considered as insolvent.

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Declaration about opened bank accounts

 Entrepreneurs who are just starting their business in Poland must submit the necessary forms and statements to the Tax Office. One of the obligations of the new entrepreneur is to provide the bank account number. Who exactly should do this, when, how and in what form? We will tell you about it in our article!

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Discounts for beginning entrepreneurs!

Starting a business involves paying social security contributions (compulsory social security, medical insurance and labor fund). This applies to individual entrepreneurs in Poland. However, a novice entrepreneur can take advantage of preferential conditions to pay ZUS contributions and reduce taxes.

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