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Some of the benefits of paying taxes quarterly

 Each entrepreneur must declare the method of settling income tax and VAT. Polish entrepreneurs can choose one of two forms of tax settlement - monthly or quarterly. The right for quarterly settlement of income tax (CIT) may be used by small taxpayers (whose value of sales revenue in the previous year did not exceed EUR 1,200,000) and taxpayers who are starting their business activity. The right for quarterly VAT tax settlement may also be used by small taxpayers if at least 12 months have passed from the date of VAT registration. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of quarterly tax payments.

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Taxation of limited partnerships from 2021

 A distinctive feature of the limited partnership until recently was the specific taxation, which allowed reducing the double taxation. From 1 January 2021, limited partnerships will be corporate income tax (CIT) taxpayers. What does it mean?

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Single-person Limited Liability Company

 Single-person limited liability company is a company in which there is only one shareholder. It is an alternative of individual business activity, but a limited liability company, compared to it, reduces business risk.

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Conditions for issuing a permit for the National Payment Institution. Part 2.

 The authorization procedure for the provision of payment services ends with an administrative decision about permit or refusing the provision of services. Permit to provide payment services as a national institution payment can be issued to the company:

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Necessary documents for registration of the National Payment Institution. Part 1.

 A national payment institution is an organization that provides payment services through а license. To obtain permission from the Polish Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) to conduct activities, the payment institution shall submit the documents in accordance with the following list:

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