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A new program from the Polish government called the «Anti-Crisis Shield»

 New provisions constituting the so-called "Anti-crisis shield" has already been adopted by the Sejm, and on March 31, 2020 signed by the president and published in the Journal of Laws. The anti-crisis shield was made for counteract the economic effects of the pandemic and is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and employees in this difficult time. Most of the new regulations entered into force on the day following the day of announcement - April 1, 2020.

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How state institutions work in Poland during COVID-19 quarantine

 Quarantine in Poland influenced on the work of many state institutions, on which the entire sector of small and medium-sized enterprises depends. In this article we want to inform you about the innovations and the format in which many financial and administrative institutions in Poland are currently working, as well as to familiarize you with the procedures that can be performed remotely due to quarantine caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

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Conditions for obtaining a temporary residence permit for education

 Foreigners who want to study in Poland can obtain a residence card on this basis. For this you must submit an application for a temporary residence permit at the Voivodeship Office. The application must be accompanied by the necessary documents, including the document:

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Bad debt relief

 Accounts receivable from an unpaid account, according to taxation standards, are considered tax income, which is the basis of income for calculating tax liability. This makes you to pay income tax, regardless of whether the bill was actually paid. Bad debt relief is the opportunity to adjust the tax if the customer fails to pay the bill. Until now, only current VAT taxpayer entrepreneurs were eligible for this right. Starting  from January 1, 2020, PIT and CIT taxpayers will also be able to use the so-called bad debt relief. This allows creditor to reduce the tax base by the amount of the claim (included in the income) if the debt has not been settled or sold within 90 days from the date of expiration of its payment term, which is indicated in the contract or in the invoice (bill). This change is intended to help eliminate payment backlogs in companies and thereby facilitate their business operations. 

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Buying an apartment for a company in Poland!

 In our article “Buying an apartment for a natural person in Poland!” (https://business-in-poland.eu/en/articles/view/Buying-an-apartment-for-an-individual-person-in-Poland/), we have already analysed advantages and disadvantages of buying a flat for a natural person. In this article, we suggest you to read about alternative way of buying an apartment for a company.

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