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What is the difference? Permanent residence permit or EU long-term residence permit

 Every foreigner who lives several years in Poland and plans to stay for longer asks the question - when may permanent residence permit be obtained? And here it is worth pointing out a very widespread mistake - a permanent residence permit or EU long-term residence permit? The choice of an inappropriate basis in the application may result in a negative decision by the governor for failure to comply with the requirements.

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Why do you need an audit of financial statements and how the verification process will look like

 The main purpose of the audit of financial statements is to increase the level of client confidence in the data presented in it, which is of great importance for ensuring security of state financial turnover. Confirmation of the accuracy of the data specified by the company in the financial statements looks like a written opinion on the reliability of these statements from an independent auditor - a tax expert.

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Acquisition of shares in a polish company as a subject of tax on civil law transactions

 Acquisition of shares in a Polish company is connected with the obligation to pay tax on civil-law transactions (PCC) and submission of declaration PCC-3 on the territory of Poland.  

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The new “Anti-crisis shield” and co-financing the remuneration

 Entrepreneurs can apply for additional funding of employees salaries by the government on the basis of changes in legislation called the "anti-crisis shield", the purpose of which is to counteract the negative economic consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic. An entrepreneur can apply for funding in connection with downtime or reduction of working hours to the Voivodeship Labor Office or for funding of the part of the salary to the District Labor Office. In this article, we will explain in detail what conditions must be met in order for an application for such funding to be examined and approved.

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A new program from the Polish government called the «Anti-Crisis Shield»

 New provisions constituting the so-called "Anti-crisis shield" has already been adopted by the Sejm, and on March 31, 2020 signed by the president and published in the Journal of Laws. The anti-crisis shield was made for counteract the economic effects of the pandemic and is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and employees in this difficult time. Most of the new regulations entered into force on the day following the day of announcement - April 1, 2020.

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