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Residence permit

If you have to legalize your stay in Poland you must obtain a permit, the official name in Polish - Karta Pobytu.
It is issued for a year or three years and gives the right to live in the country, to find a job or to run business.

At the expiration it can be extended. This document certifies the identity of a foreign citizen and gives him some freedom and privileges.
When you apply on the residence permit in Poland you will not encounter with big difficulties, it can get almost any foreign citizen. With this document you are entitled to free entry into the country. Furthermore, applying for a visa will not be necessary.

To get a residence permit you can when you do one of the following conditions:

  • running business on the territory of Poland
  • work in the territory of Poland 
  • study at a Polish University
  • married with Polish citizen
  • some other conditions