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Diia.pl - digital permit to stay in the EU

 Diia.pl is an electronic document issued to Ukrainian citizens who crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border after February 24, 2022, which was added to the catalog of residence permits on July 23, 2022.

  The digital option of confirming your legal stay in Poland (and the entire Schengen area) can be used by a person who:

  • has Ukrainian citizenship,
  • is of legal age,
  • crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border after February 24, 2022,
  • has a PESEL number,
  • has an active trusted profile.

The DIIA.pl document enables Ukrainian citizens to cross external borders (e.g. return to Ukraine with the intention of coming to Poland again) and travel within the Schengen area for 90 days (within 180 days);

  • only with a valid travel document, e.g. passport,
  • leaving Poland for a period longer than 30 days (regardless of whether within or outside the Schengen area) still deprives the rights resulting from the special act (including the possibilities provided by the DIIA document).

How to start using the document:

  • in the office where the PESEL number is obtained, the trusted profile should be activated,
  • if a foreigner has already been assigned a PESEL number, but has not immediately applied for access to a trusted profile, he or she may apply for it at any office - preferably in the same office where he received the PESEL number,
  • download and run the mObywatel application, and then activate it using the login and password issued for the trusted profile,
  • in the application, select the "add document" button and select "Diia.pl".