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How do I write a letter to Office for Foreigners about changing my address or job?

 In this article, we will tell you what to do if you change the address of your place of residence or work while waiting for the Card to be used. Probably, in an ideal fictional world, people find an employer once and live in one place for the rest of their lives, but in reality, conditions often do not meet expectations. Then you have to quit, look for a new place.

Change of job, while holding a Residence Card.

If you change your job, while holding a residence card based on your work in Poland, you are obliged to report this to the Provincial Office where the card was issued and to report the loss of your job. This must be done within 15 working days from the date of termination of the contract with the old employer.

The notification must be made in writing.


  • The form can be downloaded here.

Notification to the provincial governor of a change of job while waiting for the Residence Card

While waiting for the decision on the card, you will need to send additional documents such as:

  • Send a notification to the governor about the change of employer. The form can be downloaded here
  • Annex to the contract to be filled in by the employer (Annex 1)
  • Insurance (ZUS)
  • Contract for the new workplace (Employment contract/work contract)

 Why does this matter?

 Because the Office checks at all instances whether you are really working in this job and if you have a fictitious place of work, you will be refused a card.

Why do you have to inform about a change of residence?

 Firstly, there are conditions under which a Foreigner must notify the authorities of a change of address in accordance with the law. This is due both to the obligation to register with the municipality of residence and to notify the province while waiting for a decision on the residence card or already having a Polish residence permit.

Notification of change of address while waiting for a residence card

This is perhaps the most serious of all cases where notification is required.

Firstly, it is a norm enshrined in law.

Secondly-it is in this condition that various requests for additional information are most frequently received from the province.

Notification to the Office is not difficult, just follow a series of simple steps:

  • Download the notification form for the change of the correspondence address.
  • Fill out the application, specifying all the necessary data, including the old and new address.

Transmit/forward the signed application to the fund.

 The timing of the voivodeship's response to data changes is not regulated. Therefore, it is recommended to contact those who have access to the old place of residence for checking mail for the first time after moving.

What happens if you do not report a change of employer?

If we are talking about cards issued at work, inconsistency of new employment will mean illegal work. This is a serious violation that can result in a fine, deportation and a ban on entry to Poland.

In the case of cards that imply free access to the labour market, the lack of notification is treated more loyally in practice, but it should be understood that, from a legal point of view, it is still a violation.


Being in an unknown country, it is easy for foreigners to break the rules due to lack of knowledge. In an attempt to broaden the knowledge base of readers as much as possible, in this material we have discussed the nuances of notifying the province of changes in employment.

 If some aspects of the topic of notifying the governor at the time of dismissal / change of work and address were not completely clear, you can ask a clarifying question here.