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Appeal against a decision refusing a residence permit

 A decision of the administrative authority refusing a residence permit can be negative for various reasons. Sometimes the refusal is justified, for example if the foreigner didn’t meet all the conditions or didn’t submit the required documents. However, sometimes it happens that an official makes a mistake and issue a negative decision, despite the fact that in this situation of a foreigner, according to the law, permission should be granted. Fortunately, a foreigner may appeal to a higher instance authority against any administrative decision.

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Attending an online shareholders' meeting

 The current situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic means that personal presence to attend a shareholders' meeting is sometimes difficult. For this reason, many shareholders are wondering if they can attend a shareholder’s meeting online.

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How to register an account on the PUE ZUS website

 We recommend every entrepreneur who starts his business in Poland to create an account on PUE ZUS website. There are many benefits, including the fact that you can always and at any time obtain an information about social security payments, the arrears (if there are) submit applications. In addition, you can receive various documents such as statement on no arrears in payments, confirmation social insurance for submitting in various state institutions, monthly declarations. Registering an individual profile on PUE ZUS will be useful for both representatives and management of the board, as well as for employees who are registered in ZUS.

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Exchanging foreign driving licence in Poland

 A foreigner moving to Poland for permanent residence sooner or later is thinking about purchasing or transporting his car. Regardless of the option chosen, he needs to go through the process of exchanging a foreign driver’s license with a Polish one.

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Change of work and residence permit

 Most of the foreigners who applied for a temporary residence permit, as a basis for their stay, indicate the performance of work in Poland.

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