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EU license for the international road haulage

 If you want to run a business in the field of international road haulage, you should first obtain an EU license. Each vehicle that you use for international transport should be registered for the license and you should obtain an extract for it. Administrative decisions in this matter are issued by the General Inspectorate of Road Transport in Warsaw (GITD).

 The condition for obtaining a Community license is to have an authorisation to pursue the occupation of road transport operator. If you don't have one, you can apply for both permits through the same procedure. The application should be accompanied by the documents required by GITD, such as: a declaration of the person managing the transport, a certificate of professional competence, a declaration regarding the operating base (regarding the address of the place enabling transport activities), a declaration regarding drivers, a statement of no criminal record, information from the National Criminal Register about all persons entitled to representation according to the National Court Register and the person managing the transport, as well as the list of vehicles submitted for the license. In addition, you should submit documents proving you have adequate financial capacity: annual financial statement and insurance policy, because you need to prove that you have a financial standing that allows you to start and run a business in the field of road transport of at least 9000 EUR for the first vehicle and 5000 EUR for each subsequent vehicle.

The fee for the issue of the license and the extract from the license depends on the period of validity and the number of extracts, i.e. the number of vehicles registered for the license. In the case of a license valid up to 5 years, the fee is 4000 PLN and 440 PLN for each copy of the license. For a license with a validity period of more than 5 years to 10 years, the fee is 8000 PLN and 880 PLN for each excerpt from the license. If, together with the application for a Community license, you are also applying for an authorisation to pursue the occupation of road transport operator, you must pay an additional fee of 1000 PLN.

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