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From 1 July 2021 applications to the National Court Register only in electronic form!

 From 1 July 2021 applications to the National Court Register may only be submitted electronically. The paper applications won’t have any legal effects. This means that when registering a new company, purchasing shares or making any other changes to the register, a member of the company's management board must have an electronic signature. Using the new portal for submitting applications to the National Court Register requires prior registration and authorization made with a qualified signature.

 The IT system used to handle online applications is called the Portal Rejestrów Sądowych (Court Registers Portal) and is available at: https://prs.ms.gov.pl. According to the current procedure, only an application for changing data in the register of entrepreneurs is created in electronic form. Other documents, such as the list of shareholders, are made on paper. A scan is attached to the application, and then the original paper documents should be sent to the National Court Register within three days.

The exception is when the application isn’t signed by the member of the company's management board himself, but instead grants a power of attorney to submit the application to an attorney-at-law. In cooperation with a professional attorney, a management board member doesn’t need to have an electronic signature or send the original documents to the National Court Register. The board member only signs the paper power of attorney and other documents, the scan of which is attached to the application. The attorney has the option of certifying all scans as true copies of the original.

At the same time, the s24 system known for several years (https://ekrs.ms.gov.pl/s24/) is still in operation, where companies can be registered on the basis of a template agreement and electronically concluded agreements for the sale of shares in the company.

Consult Invest sp. z o. o. provides services both in the field of activation of electronic signatures and sale of shares in Polish companies and preparation of applications for amendment to the National Court Register. If you have any questions, please contact us: info@consultinvest.pl