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Changes of members in a company

Sometimes, one partner wants to leave firm or company would like to add a new member.

How to conduct such changes? All answers you will find in this article!

1. What is it?
All depends first of all from the fact, shareholder want to leave a cfirm or company would receive a new one. It is associated with issue of shares – how to divide or what to do with shares of partner which turns out. Secondly, the whole procedure depends on what type of company we are dealing with, because otherwise it looks in the limited partnership, or in the LLC, and so on.

2. How to make changes in the list of shareholders?
The process of changes in the list of participants differs depending on the type of company, but these differences concern rather the internal matters of the firm. However, always connected with filling out forms and sending changes to KRS, submitting documentation and payment of legal costs from the statement and the adding in MSiG.

3. The most common mistakes
Preparation of formalities is not a hard thing, but often happens that the forms were incorrectly filled, not enough necessary information, forgot about the essential documents, or perform necessary actions within the company. Theoretically, the question of changes in the composition of participants may not seem complicated, however should think about using the assistance of a professionals to avoid mistakes, reopening the case or any extra costs.