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The "First Apartment" program begins in 2023.

 Buying your first flat is one of the most important events in everyone's life. Having your own flat gives you a sense of stability and security. Unfortunately, the barriers to buying a property are difficult to jump over. That is why the Ministry of Development and Technology has prepared a support programme for people who want to buy their first flat.

 What are the offers?

 The first offer is the 2% Safe Credit, which is a system of subsidised loans for the purchase of a first flat.

 The loan will be available to a person up to the age of 45 who does not have and has not had a flat, house or cooperative right to a flat or house. In the case of a married couple or parents of at least one joint child, the age and 'first home' condition will have to be met by at least one of them.

 Rules for the Safe Credit

 The state budget will for 10 years subsidise the difference between the fixed rate determined on the basis of the average interest rate on fixed-rate loans in the lending banks (current as of the date of determination of the fixed-rate loan on the date the loan is granted and after 5 years) and the interest rate on the loan according to the 2% rate.

The maximum loan amount is PLN 500,000 and, in the case of married couples or parents with at least one child, PLN 600,000 for premises, on the primary and secondary markets. The purchaser of the first flat will be free to choose its standard and location.

 «Housing Account»

 The second offer is a special savings account operated by commercial banks. It will be opened by a person who does not own and has not owned a dwelling (including a single-family house or a cooperative right to a dwelling or a single-family house).

The scheme can also be used by a person who lives with at least two of his/her own or adopted children in a single small dwelling he/she owns (a dwelling of up to 50 m2 with two children, 75 m2 with 3 children and 90 m2 with 4, no m2 limit with 5 or more children).

 Rules for the Housing Account

 The saving period on the account is from 3 to 10 years.

Systematic payments (at least 11 payments per year of a certain amount) are a guarantee of an additional Housing Bonus from the state budget. The accumulated funds together with the bonus will be able to be spent on the purchase of a first flat, house or a financial contribution to an investment, e.g. within a housing cooperative.

In the event of termination of the saving, there will be 5 years to spend the funds.