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Changes into the act on the National Court Register from 2018

From 15 March, 2018, new legal regulations regarding the amendment to the Act on the National Court Register came into force in Poland.

The basic change is a new obligation to submit all applications to the National Court Register by electronic system. This change will apply from 1 March, 2020.

In addition, a Central Repository of Electronic Extracts from Notarial Deeds will be created, in which a notary, immediately after drawing up an act, will place an electronic extract of the act.  Therefore, the entrepreneur will be able to enter the number of the electronic extract from a notarial deed in the Repository in the application submitted to the National Court Register, and upon receipt of the application, the document will be automatically attached to it. There will be no need to submit extracts from a notarial deed in a paper form.

Another change is the imposition of a duty on the persons submitting the application, persons representing the entity and liquidators and proxies to attach a statement containing not only their consent to appointment, but also their addresses for service. If the address for service of those persons is outside the European Union, proxy for service in Poland should be indicated.

Companies that are already registered in the National Court Register are required to submit statements regarding the addresses for service at the register, at the first action done in the registry court, but no later than 18 months after the Act came into force.

The changes also apply to the submission of financial statements by the company. From 15 March, 2018, the financial statements must be submitted only in electronic form. As an exception, until 30 September 2018, the reports of 2017 can be submitted in the form of scans with qualified electronic signature or signature confirmed by a trusted profile EPUAP. From 1 October, 2018, all documents will have to be sent to the court in electronic form, taking into consideration the content of the amended regulations of the Accounting Act.