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What can we do in the electronic tax service?

 On February 1, 2021, the Ministry of Finance opened a new electronic tax service(e-Urząd). Through the electronic system, a taxpayer can resolve many issues online, staying at home, on any device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Electronic Tax Service is a service on podatki.gov.pl, thanks to which taxpayers can quickly resolve various issues. This can be done at any time and on any device. You need to log in to the platform using one of several possible methods: trusted profile, electronic ID card(e-dowód), online banking. After logging in, we get full access to our data and all available services of electronic tax. You can also log in with your tax details, but in this case you will only get access to your personal data and the e-PIT service. At the same time, other services offered on the electronic tax inspection service will not be available.

The personalization of data at the moment in e-Tax services is based on the fact that each authorized user gets access to the services and information intended for him. In the subsequent stages, access to the data for which the taxpayer has received a power of attorney or access to the account is also provided.

In the electronic tax services, you can find services such as:

  • e-Pit, the service of providing taxpayers with previously calculated tax returns; here, you can check the tax returns for previous years, and the tax Declaration PIT-28, PIT-36, PIT-37, PIT-38 for the year 2020 is available in the system, February 15, 2021.
  • e-micro company(e-mikrofirma) is a free application designed for processing internal invoices;
  • notices of fines;
  • online payments.

We will also get access to the following data in electronic form:

  • our current data, as well as data related to business activities, if we conduct business;
  • information about an individual tax account, i.e. the tax micro account to which the taxes must be paid;
  • information about completed payments;
  • the ability to check the status of the case or its number;
  • login history.

Over time, new functions will appear in the e-Tax service, that will provide a comprehensive user experience. Functions planned for the following stages:

  • electronic certificates
  • integration with the e-TOLL service
  • services of notaries and bailiffs
  • services related to the submission of applications and the provision of information on the status of cases

E-tax is a functional website that will certainly facilitate and improve the solution of many tax issues. All services should be available on the site in 2022.