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For sale large petrol station with a min return of 9 percent


 Invest in a petrol station that operates under a well-known brand throughout Europe ! Easy business with almost passive income and in fast-growing industries!

Company description:

  • owner has a long-term contract with the brand, which makes it possible for him to use the brand;
  • is open from 2015;
  • is located on a large and very busy route in the province Świętokrzyskie;
  • problem-free station, organizational play, passive income, reliable business for years.

The advantages of acquiring this business:·      

  • sales under a known brand guarantee greater trust among customers and suppliers;·      
  • 9-10% business profitability clean even after calculating all fees;·      
  • your minimum annual income will be PLN 900,000;·      
  • possibility of expanding the station because the company's property is 2,300 m2;·      
  • this is not a franchise, but a signed contract with huge company to provide the logo;·      
  • owner can do the renovation at the customer's request;·      
  • BP transfers to the new owner all contacts to proven suppliers.

In the price of a ready business enters:

  • all equipment at a service station;
  • all contacts with suppliers;
  • team in which there are 18 people;
  • 2,300 m2 plot with the possibility of business development;
  • production hall 814 m2;
  • general renovation at customer's request;


  • 9 500 000 PLN selling price;
  • Fee for making the brand available.

  A business that will bring you huge earnings without any active participation in it! A large and busy route will provide you with a large number of customers, and a huge plot will allow the business to grow!