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For sale profitable bakery


 The gastronomic industry is always profitable and enjoys great interest from clients as well as from investors. Invest in a bakery with many years of experience, which already has a base of regular customers!

Company description:

  • the bakery is located in the province Łodzkie;
  • is open from 1998;
  • customers' interest will be high because the bakery is located on the Łódż - Warsaw route with very high traffic;
  • company has its own cooking space and own store for sale;
  • large development opportunity in the catering industry.

The advantages of acquiring this business:

  •        you won't pay other stores for sales because the company has its own store;
  •        large number of regular customers who buy products on order;
  •        checked suppliers who provide the right quality ingredients;
  •        company looks like a complex where you have cooking areas, a shop and an office;
  •        company operates and is profitable, the owner sells for lack of time to run this business.


In the price of a ready business enters:

  • 13 employees who have been working in this company for years;
  • own shop (15m2) at the bakery;
  • contacts to proven suppliers;
  • 3 furnaces (one new) and other equipment (including power generator) in good condition;
  • building with an attic (flour storage with feeder) with a usable area of 496 m2;
  • plot of land 1240 m2.


  • 1 950 000 PLN selling price;

            Investing in bakeries is an easy way to find your place on the Polish market. You can always develop this company and open new branches / stores! Buy this business and get big profits every month!