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External doors production for sale


 The production industry is always an opportunity for those who want to immediately enter the market and earn a lot! The proposed company already has many years of experience, has a database of regular customers and has a large development potential!

Company description:

  • company started its activity in 1981;
  • it produces external doors and sells them in different stores;
  • plant is located in the Dolnośląskim province;
  • the industry with the fastest development and the greatest interest;

The advantages of acquiring this business:·

  • company has technologies for high-quality external and internal doors with the possibility of changing production;·      
  • equipped with carpentry machinery;·      
  • own production halls have an area of 814 m2;·      
  • it also has offices, a dining room and a cloakroom for employees;·      
  • plot in the possession of a company with an area of 4 200 m2;·      
  • access to a paved plant and entrance to the property lined with paving stones;·      
  • a large machine park;·      
  • more 30 suppliers and a large customer base;

In the price of a ready business enters:

  • website;
  • all contacts with suppliers;
  • plot of land 4 200 m2;
  • production hall 814 m2;
  • equipped carpentry machines;
  • machining center and paint shop;
  • contracts with stores where manufactured doors are sold;
  • vans;
  • contacts to clients.


  • 980 000 PLN selling price.

            A company with many years of experience and great potential for expanding sold production is waiting for a new investor!