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Exchanging foreign driving licence in Poland

 A foreigner moving to Poland for permanent residence sooner or later is thinking about purchasing or transporting his car. Regardless of the option chosen, he needs to go through the process of exchanging a foreign driver’s license with a Polish one.

  1. Polish driving licence will be issued for the same period as foreign one. This is due to the fact that the Polish Department sends a confirmation request about the authenticity of foreign driving license to the state institution of the country where it was issued. Of course, after the Polish driving licence expires, the validity may be extended in Poland.
  2. In some countries there is a rule of indefinite categories, but in Poland it does not work and categories assigned to a foreigner will be valid for a maximum of 15 years from the date of exchanging of foreign driving licence.
  3. In terms of obtaining Polish driving licence, it is always difficult to say a specific deadline, because it all depends on the state institution that issued a driving license to the foreigner in his country. Standardly, the Polish Department indicates the term from 2 months to 1 year. A foreigner, as an applicant, can help speed up the process only if he immediately and accurately indicates the address of the state agency that issued him the driving license. In this case, the Polish Department will not have to search for the necessary institution themselves. Unfortunately, this is the only way a foreigner can somehow influence the period of issuing Polish driving license. Further, it all depends on the efficiency of the state institution in his country. 
  4. The set of documents for the exchanging of rights is standard: sworn translation into Polish of a foreign driving license; application for the issuance of the Polish driving license; Photo; certification of residence address registration (required address in Poland, min. 6 months before applying); state payment (PLN 100.50 for the issuance of a new driving license, PLN 17 if the foreigner determines a trustee, who can then pick up and transfer these driving license).

 Replacing a driver’s license is one of the most popular requests from our customers. Based on our experience, we will help you get through the whole process as quickly as possible and will always advise on any issues!