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Can I hire a foreigner?
You have the right to employ foreigners from third country. But it is necessary to issue a permit to work in Poland. The procedure is simple and we will help You with this!
What are the requirements for the minimum number of employees?
No any requirements .
Do I need to contribute large amounts of money for a registration of the company?
No additional investment to open a business in Poland is not required.
Can I make changes to the founders list after the registration of the company?
You can, but all procedures for the registration of co-owners and Board members should be done at the same time with company registration. Because when you make changes, you need to make notarial deeds and to register the change. This is related to Your additional costs.
Is it possible to register a company in Poland on one person?
Any foreign citizen has right to register a company in Poland. But we recommend to optimize taxes and register a LLC with more than one founder.
On what grounds I could come to Poland and stay in the country after the opening of the company? Will I be able to travel in the European Union?
After the registration, we will prepare the documents for obtaining Polish national multi-visa (visa D). With this visa You are allowed to stay in Schengen countries up to 90 days in each semester.
What are the requirements for non-residents to open a LLC?
Residence permit, residence registration, internal documents for non-residents is not required. Enough valid international passport.
How long does it take to register? Do you need my personal presence?
Registration lasts about 30 days. Speed up the process will not succeed. The only option is to buy a readymade company in Poland. If You have the desire and ability to be present at the registration of constitutive documents on the territory of Poland, it is necessary to come to Warsaw for one day. This time is enough to sign all the acts. We can submit all documents on your power of attorney without the need of arrival. You can expect the end of the procedure at Your place of residence.
Is it necessary to involve into the company of a Polish citizen?
No. Foreigners can own a Polish company and to manage it as Directors without the need for the participation of Polish citizens.
When need to pay the share capital of the company in Poland?
When registering your company, the founders sign the Declaration of payment of share capital in full. It is desirable to transfer the amount of the share capital to the company's account immediately after registration.
What limits amount of the share capital of the company?
The amount of the share capital limits only the liability to the creditors.