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Company registration

Polish Republic is one of the most loyal countries for foreign businessman.

Running your business in Poland, you will be able to enter into the European market.
For foreigners, the most acceptable will be the opening of LLC.

Opening in Poland company you can do almost any activity. The only exceptions are prohibited by the legislation of the country. Register firm can one or more persons. Furthermore, before the registration of the company you need to select its name.

This requires the full procedure of registering your company in the national court register of entrepreneurs. It is simple procedure if you know all nuances.
Poland, after entry into the European Union, has become a good platform to start a business for those who have set their sights on the European market.
The capital for opening LLC in Polish Republic is around 1200 EUR.
If you register firm in Poland, you will receive great benefits:

  • to register the LLC can be a few of the founders (according to 9 people)
  • you and your family will be able to obtain a business visa
  • no high requirements on the size of the capital of the company and its obligatory presence on  bank account
  • you will receive the right to do business in whole EU.
  • you will be able to get a loan for the development of its business at the most attractive conditions
  • according to Polish law you will get some tax refund
  • the right to free exit and entry into the country and the EU
  • the right to purchase residential and commercial real estate
  • with timely repayment of tax payments, you will receive full social security, including medical care
  • will be able to issue a temporary residence permit, and later a permanent permit with the prospect of obtaining citizenship
  • you will get work permit
  • buy car for the company will optimize the transport costs
  • European standard of living at affordable prices

Mandatory costs when registering a company in Poland:

  • 80 EUR - state fee

We will need just a few days, and you will immediately be able to start your own business.