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Change of work and residence permit

 Most of the foreigners who applied for a temporary residence permit, as a basis for their stay, indicate the performance of work in Poland.

 The decision on granting a permit contains particular employer with whom foreigner will work under certain conditions (position, salary, place of work, etc.). Should a foreigner change his residence permit when changing employer data or working conditions?  

 If the decision on granting a permit for a foreigner specifies the conditions for performing a specific job for a particular employer, then when changing the conditions or employer, a new residence and work permit in Poland is required. The foreigner must apply for a residence card in Poland again, as if the previous card had expired. The performance of work other than those specified in the permit, for example, another position, lower salary, change in the working hours or the type of labor contract also requires a change in permit.

 However, there are cases when changes or issuance of a new permit is not required, despite the new circumstances arise. For example, a change of employer registration address or place of residence. An employer can also change the name or legal form of his company. In addition, if a civil contract is replaced by an employment contract, the purchase of the employer's company or part of it by another, the transfer of the workplace or part of it to another employer, the change or issuance of a new permit in Poland is not required. In such cases, foreigner need only to inform about all the changes the institution where foreigner received a work permit in Poland.

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