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How to register an account on the PUE ZUS website

 We recommend every entrepreneur who starts his business in Poland to create an account on PUE ZUS website. There are many benefits, including the fact that you can always and at any time obtain an information about social security payments, the arrears (if there are) submit applications. In addition, you can receive various documents such as statement on no arrears in payments, confirmation social insurance for submitting in various state institutions, monthly declarations. Registering an individual profile on PUE ZUS will be useful for both representatives and management of the board, as well as for employees who are registered in ZUS.

 Simple steps to register and activate the profile on the PUE ZUS platform are described below. First of all, you need to go to https://www.zus.pl/pue/rejestracja . Next, you have to choose what type of profile you are interested to create (natural person, legal person). The account must be registered on an individual to which the legal person's account will be added later. That is why we register as a natural person first (select the appropriate field). Next, it is needed to fill the form with the personal data. At the end, the portal asks to set a password (login will be assigned and sent automatically to the e-mail address provided in the form). The final step is to confirm your identity, that should be done within seven days of receiving such a request from ZUS.

 The confirmation of the identity can be done through the trusted profile on the ePUAP site, using a qualified certificate, and at the ZUS institution in person. The choice depends on the applicant's instructions and preferences. In addition, there is the option of confirming the identity by the bank, but this solution can only be used by those applicants who know that their bank has signed an appropriate agreement with ZUS (PKO Bank Polski, BOŚ Bank, Millennium, Citi Handlowy, ING Bank Śląski). We always choose one of the first three options for our clients.

 Registering and logging into the PUE ZUS system takes a total of one hour, but is possible to save a lot of time without calling the hotline, writing emails to ZUS to find out about the basic things that are already listed on the PUE ZUS website. Of course, if you have a complicated or non-standard case, we invite you to our office for a consultation!