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Declaration about opened bank accounts

 Entrepreneurs who are just starting their business in Poland must submit the necessary forms and statements to the Tax Office. One of the obligations of the new entrepreneur is to provide the bank account number. Who exactly should do this, when, how and in what form? We will tell you about it in our article!

 Entrepreneurs starting business activity must meet all regulatory requirements. The term entrepreneur means both: natural persons and legal persons as well as persons who are not legal persons (without legal personality), but are taxpayers in Poland. In the case of taxpayers who are not natural persons, notifications about open bank accounts are presented on the standard NIP-8 form in Tax Office. This should be done within 21 days from the date of entry in the National Court Register. The declaration for taxpayer identification should be sent to the head of the Tax Office or other competent authority corresponding to the taxpayer's registration address or its legal form and composition. The format of the declaration for identification (data that must be provided by the entrepreneur) is strictly defined by the Tax Office. However, do all taxpayers apply declaration of bank account in the same way?

First of all, need to note that people who want to register sole entrepreneurial activities submit an application form for entry into the Central Register of Entries and Information on Entrepreneurship (CEIDG). In the same form, persons present both identification data and updated additions and changes to the data. In this case, new entrepreneurs submit an application for opened bank account via the CEIDG-1 application, after registering the company, as well as providing other necessary data.

So we can conclude that the declaration of a bank account is applied in the case of natural persons - immediately, in the case of legal persons and other taxpayers - after registration of the enterprise, within three weeks from the entry in the register in the National Court Register.

What happens if my bank account changes?

Both taxpayers who are natural persons and other taxpayers (legal and non-legal) are required to submit a declaration for updating data in the case of a change, closing or opening a new bank account.

Taxpayers who are entried into CEIDG, submit an application for updating data within 7 days from the date of changing the company account. The application is submitted in the same CEIDG-1 form, and the register itself provides updated data to the designated tax office. Entities listed in the National Court Register (legal entities and other legal forms) report changes in accordance with additional data - a changed bank account. The deadline by which they must fulfill this obligation remains the same as for sole entrepreneurs - 7 days. The declaration is submitted in the form of NIP-8, i.e. the first time during registration.

A few words about non-compliance with this requirement and not transferring current bank accounts to the Tax Office.

First of all, entrepreneurs who do not update bank account information may be fined - it is a violation of tax regulations. The court may impose a fine of between 1/10 and 20 minimum wages (i.e. up to 45,000 PLN at the moment of publication this article). If the violation is classified as a minor violation, it is possible that the case will be resolved according to a simplified procedure. In such a case, the fine imposed may not exceed the minimum wage twice.

In addition, in accordance with the latest changes in Polish tax law, for all payments above 15 thousand PLN, the payer is obliged to make sure that the contractor's account is on the white list of bank accounts. Otherwise, the payer will be responsible together with the contractor for the recipient's failure to pay taxes if the bank account is not on the list of white taxpayer accounts. An account cannot be entered on white list unless it has been provided for tax settlement.

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