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Big changes coming up in VAT. What awaits us in 2017?

With the new year will effect many changes in the law of 11 March 2004. on the tax on goods and services (journal of laws from 2016. POS. 710 as amended).

What awaits us in 2017:

1) improved use of increased VAT rates until the end of 2018

2) raising the non-taxable VAT amount to 200 000 PLN,

3) added the additional obligation in submitting tax declarations,

4) elimination of the possibility to fill in quarterly VAT returns, for taxpayers other than small taxpayers, and taxpayers who are just starting to perform transactions subject to VAT taxation,

5) introduction of obligation of the submission of VAT returns and summary of information in electronic form (including that part of the taxpayers ' VAT declarations in electronic form will have to submitted only from 1 January 2018),

6) Construction work performed by subcontractors will be subject to reverse taxation.

7) the extension catalog, which uses the mechanism of reverse taxation.