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Taxes in an LLC

Limited liability company shall be taxable according to the rules defined in the law on profit tax. The law defines the model of double taxation of income allocated from the LLC. The income of the company is subject to income tax from legal entities, as well as the tax of dividends paid to shareholders. The same is subject to tax solely the limited liability company where the sole owner (shareholder) is a natural person.

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Increase of the share capital of polish LLC

The resolution of share capital increase (without changing the LLC agreement) can be adopted by an absolute majority of votes, although there are exceptions to this rule.

If the agreement of the limited liability company does not contain provisions defining the maximum size and duration of the increase of the share capital, increasing of share capital can occur only through changes to this company's agreement. Such a change must be adopted by a majority of the founders of two-thirds of the votes.

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The consequences of incorrect filing, when you registering LLC

If declaration was not:

submitted on official letterhead

properly prepared

or it was incorrectly filled

it returns without warning of deficiencies (article 19 paragraph 3 of the code of KRS). In case of return of the first record in the registry by state, it can be resubmitted within 7 days from the date of delivery of the decision to return

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Changes of members in a company

Sometimes, one partner wants to leave firm or company would like to add a new member.

How to conduct such changes? All answers you will find in this article!

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Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership

An increasingly popular form of business becomes a limited liability company limited partnership (sp. z o. o. sp. k.), where a General partner is a limited liability company, and limited individual entity is the representative of this company or other natural person. According to the code of representation of the limited liability limited partnership is only available to full companion. If the Charter does not contain any conclusions, the limited partner shall have no obligation to conduct the Affairs of the company LLC LP.

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