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Traditional registration or registration via Internet?

Difference between traditional registration of LLC and registration via Internet.

1. Traditional registration of a company in KRS and its cost.
Every company has an agreement of company in the form of a notarial deed or in the form of electronic agreement. The agreement shall contain in particular: name of firm and address of the company, the subject of activity, amount of share capital (at least 5 thousand zl), definition of shares and their nominal value, and the lifetime of the company. You also need to remember about REGON number and the data from tax inspection. You will need to open a corporate Bank account and order a company seal.
The cost of agreement of association is, first of all, the cost of notarial agreements of the company fee to the notary in the authorized capital of 5 thousand zl will be 196,80 zł. For issuing the agreement, LLC will required to pay a 7.5 PLN for each page of the act. Need at least 2 of the statement of agreement in the court register and 1 in the tax service. Notarized signatures of members of the Board cost 20 PLN + 23%. VAT (24,60 PLN) for signature. Tax from the share capital (PCC) costs 21 PLN. Fees associated with the registration of a limited liability company to KRS-costs, fees of application for inclusion (500 PLN). and pay for an ad in MsiG (100 PLN). Summing up, the cost of regular registration is 883 PLN, provided that the share capital of the company is 5000 PLN.

2. Since 2012 year, there is a possibility to register LLC via Internet. This method, which greatly shortens and simplifies the registration process of the company. To register a company, you must have an account in the system provided by the Ministry of Justice, it may register any of the participants. Of course, it is necessary to create corporate Bank account and obtaining the seal of the company. Online registration does not require you to sign an articles of association in the form of a notarial deed, but could not be independently formulate the content of the contract of the limited liability. Partners can change the agreement of LLC, after registration of company, doing it in the form of amendments to the company’s agreement. After registration of the company via Internet you will need to send registration documents to the relevant tax Office, Statistical office and social insurance Office. You will have to add decision of the National Register of Entrepreneurs, that your company already registered. From the practice it also follows that you have to sent to the Tax office agreement of association and rent agreement of LLC. After receiving NIP and REGON numbers, Board has the responsibility of filing these numbers at the KRS.

To sum up, online registration is much cheaper and faster in contrast to traditional registration and allows you to bypass long process of registering a company in notary.