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Requirements for obtaining a taxi license in Warsaw

 Taxi is a popular and quite profitable business that can be started without much cost. However, in order to run such a business, you need to obtain a licence. If you are interested in this, in this article you will find out what conditions you need to meet to obtain a licence in Warsaw and how much it costs.

  One of the main conditions for obtaining a license is that micro-entrepreneurs who operate as sole proprietorships, members of the company's management body (legal entity) and persons managing a general partnership or limited partnership cannot be convicted by a final judgment for fiscal criminal offenses or intentional offenses against safety in communication, property, economic turnover, credibility of documents, environment or working and pay conditions, or other related to the performance of the profession.

At the same time, no legally binding decision prohibiting economic activity in the field of road transport has not been issued. In addition, they must have a legal title to dispose of the vehicle (vehicles). This means that they are their owners, co-owners, or they have leased or rented vehicles.

In order to obtain the licence, you should to go to the Road Transport Department of the Warsaw Office and submit an application together with the necessary attachments. After correctly filling in and submitting all the necessary documents, a taxi driver's license will be issued along with an extract (extracts) for the transportation of passengers by taxi. You will also receive additional taxi marking (information plate with a hologram, TAXI driver ID).

According to the regulations, a taxi licence can be issued for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 50 years.

The fee for issuing a licence for the area of Warsaw depends on the period for which it is to be granted and is:

  • 320 PLN - for a period from 2 to 15 years
  • 380 PLN - for the period from 15 to 30 years
  • 450 PLN - for a period from 30 to 50 years

For one vehicle you have to pay a fee (11%), also depending on the license term, in the amount of: up to 15 years - 35.20 PLN, up to 30 years - 41.80 PLN, up to 50 years - 49.50 PLN.

  • in case of submitting an application for a license for a taxi of one or more than one car, one payment is made corresponding to the validity period of the license, increased by 10% commission for each vehicle; for the issuance of each extract from the license, the fee is 1% out of the cost of the license.
  • for the issuance of a license for any vehicle not specified in the application, a fee of 11% of the cost of the license is charged.
  • for changing a license, a fee is charged in the amount of 10% of the payment for issuing a license, and for issuing a license when changing a license, a fee is charged in the amount of 5% of the fee for issuing a license.

The taxi must be equipped with a taximeter with a cash register (it can be electronic), first aid kit, spare wheel, additional light with the word "TAXI" placed on the roof. Remember that the car must undergo a special inspection in the diagnostic station. You must perform such a review before applying for a license.

Transporting passengers without a license is prohibited and is punishable by an administrative penalty.

To avoid unpleasant situations, we offer our help in obtaining a license, write to us: info@consultinvest.pl.