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Electronic signature vs ePUAP

 Modern technologies allow to solve many issues via the Internet. Transactions carried out on the Internet must be properly confirmed - it is necessary to prove that the specified person performs the transaction. Special services for remote identity verification have been created. In Poland, these are the ePUAP system and qualified electronic signature. In this article, will discuss their advantages and differences.

 ePUAP (Elektroniczna Platforma Usług Administracji Publicznej) is an electronic platform for public administration services through which citizens can solve many problems online. When registering with the ePUAP portal, a «normal» profile is created. To activate a trusted profile, you must submit an application and, within 14 days, personally appear with an identity document at the confirmation department: this can be a tax office, Social Insurance office or other government structures such as the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, Polish Postal Office. Also it is possible to verify identity using online banking. This is a very convenient method for those who already have an open account in one of the Polish banks. When signing an agreement with the bank, client is identified by the bank employee and data is entered into the system. Verification may take several minutes, but it is mandatory to have a PESEL number in the bank's system. Abroad, the identity can be verified at the Consulate General of Poland and the Embassy.

After verification the identity, the profile becomes «trusted». Creation and use of a trusted profile is free, the validity period is 3 years from the date of signing the application. However, the main requirement is the presence of a PESEL number, which is required to submit and confirm the application. Without the PESEL number, the ePUAP signature cannot be activated. With the help of ePUAP , you can use the services of local authorities (such as registration of business activity, notification of the sale of a car, etc.), the court register (registration of the company), Social Insurance (verification of paid insurance premiums), the Tax Office and the Civil States Office (copy of marriage, birth, death).

Qualified electronic signature is a way to remotely identification of a person. The information is stored on a portable medium (flash drive) by the owner of the signature. With the help of such a signature, can sign official documents and statements of government agencies, documents in electronic format (files, PDF, WORD, HTML and others), e-mails. There are also many additional functions that can be used to contact with business partners or government administration. This electronic signature is a commercial instrument and can be purchased from certified suppliers controlled by the Ministry of Digital Technology. The list of suppliers can be found on the website of the National Certification Authority, and the price depends on the validity of the certificate and the specific service. A set for a qualified signature includes: a special cryptographic card (where a qualified certificate is recorded), a card reader (connects to the computer), and software (must be installed). When purchasing an electronic signature, should verify the identity at the partner confirmation department. Identity can also be verified by a notary in Poland or outside Poland, at the office of a notary listed by the National Council of Notaries or the International Notary Union, as well as by the Polish consul, who has the powers of a notary. The notarial verification of identity must be done in Polish or English. If it is not possible to make a notarial confirmation of identity in one of the above languages, you should attach a translation by a sworn translator. An electronic signature is valid for 1, 2 or 3 years. After this time, you can renew the signature for another period. Using an electronic signature, can sign documents such as: electronic invoices, trade agreements, tax returns, applications to government agencies. In addition, all other online services of the public administration in Poland can be used with an electronic signature.

The electronic signature and the ePUAP service are verification of the identity of the signatory. The main advantages of this kind of confirmation is the ability to resolve the issue at any time without leaving home.

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