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Income generating real estate in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki


- Land area of 36.903 m2 with the right to use until (perpetual usufruct) 2089 and is the subject of separate ownership includes:

- Integrated building of about 9,500 m2;

- Own parking and roads with an area of about 25,000 m2;

- Gas station;

- Equipment;

- Fully fenced property.


The property is located in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, 4 Przemyslova Street. An excellent location provides convenient transport communication between Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki and Warsaw  and with the rest of the country without tonnage limitation. The close location of Warsaw-Modlin Airport provides a prospect for development of the district.


The whole object is post-industrial. It was built in the 1970s and has documentation. The legal status of the real estate is being regulated. To reach market standard it needs some modernizations with a low expenses.

The structure of real estate (the right to use the land will work until 2089 with the right of ownership of buildings and structures) includes:

The area of ​​office, production and warehouse premises is 36.903 m2 with the possibility of building up to 100% of the earth's surface and 42 meters in height. It is a single complex of buildings with a warehouse, production, office and service function. The total area of this premises is ​​9500 m2:

  • warehouse and production - service premises up to 4 m high and with 6 gates - 4.750 m2;
  • warehouse and production - service premises up to 8.5 m high with 6 gates - 3.000 m2;
  • office, social and service premises, including the offices themselves, accumulator rooms, lifts, a transformer substation with a capacity of 500 kW, electrical, water supply and ventilation stations - 1.750 m2;
  • the area of ​​roads and concrete parking lots with increased carrying capacity, with parking spaces for a few dozens of trucks or even 750 cars, providing access around the entire main building - 25,000 m2;
  • storage shed - 1.000 m2;
  • gas station.

90% of the area is permanently rented out and brings a stable income of 120-130 thousand PLN /net per month. A rental income in 2019 was 1,485,000 PLN/ net.

The object is equipped and accessible with all utilities, including its own internal power plant with a capacity of 500 kW with the possibility of increasing, domestic and storm sewage, drinking and industrial water. Building is possible, according to the local territorial development plan, up to 100% of the land and up to 42 meters in height. A sodium and fluorescent lighting is installed, as well as daylight through skylights throughout the warehouse and industrial premises.


The sale of the rights to use the land and the ownership of buildings is 15 million PLN (bidding is acceptable). The possibility of buying with tax (VAT) is optional.


Annual real estate tax is approximately 240 thousand PLN;

Annual fee for unlimited use approx. 120 thousand PLN;

Additional costs - all operating costs are paid by the tenants.


The investor's own investment in this real estate can be covered by government assistance in the form of income tax refund up to 35% of the investment costs together with the purchase of real estate (in accordance with the conditions of the special economic zone).

The property is eligible for accelerated depreciation up to 3 years (annually at a rate of 33% of the purchase price deducted from income).

The local real estate development plan envisages 100% development of real estate with a height up to 42 m, which gives a unique potential and an effective price (price per percentage of building and height - the maximum building percentages available in the vicinity of Warsaw are 50%, and the height of buildings is up to 12-16 meters).

Investments in the form of modernization and adaptation provide a unique opportunity for quick investments without the long journey required to obtain a building permit and connect utilities.