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EORI number

 Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) is a unique number used in the customs territory of the European Union and assigned to an entrepreneur or other person for registration for customs purposes. The EORI system, which entered into force on July 1, 2009, is designed to facilitate the work of the customs administration in the European Union. Thanks to this system, all necessary documents can be filled out electronically.

 The EORI identification number is used for each customs clearance and is mandatory for an economic entity that has a registered office in the European Union and intends to import or export goods. The EORI number must be obtained before the first purchase or sale of goods to a country outside the European Community is made. A business entity may be a natural person doing business, a limited liability company or another person importing or exporting goods. Not only a taxpayer doing business within the European Community (wishing to sell or buy goods from third countries) but also a taxpayer doing business outside the EU who intends to export or import goods into the Community must obtain an EORI number.

Obtaining an EORI number differs in terms of timing, procedure and degree of difficulty depending on the EU country. Also the procedure for obtaining an EORI number is different for companies registered in the EU and outside the EU. For those registered outside the EU, the place where the EORI number is obtained is the first crossing of the customs border. The EORI number is issued within a maximum of 30 days.

In Poland, obtain an EORI number by registering on the electronic tax and customs services PUESC 2. In the case of domestic organizations EORI number consists of the letters "PL" and NIP number supplemented with five zeros (or the last 5 characters of the REGON number), and for organizations from third countries: the letters PL and a sequence of 14 digits with the letter Z at the end. The next step is to obtain extended access to the PUESC account by registering an individual and obtaining an SISC number, that is, a unique identifier in the tax and customs information system (SISC). The last step is to register the facility in SISC. In the electronic form it is necessary to mark the sphere of activity - customs and to mark EORI field - which is an application for the assignment of an EORI number. After that, it is necessary to save the document and sign it with a qualified signature or with the help of a trusted profile (ePUAP).

The given EORI number is unique throughout the EU. Each EU country has its own national EORI database, which together make up the EU EORI system. All numbers can be checked in the EORI Online Database.

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