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Changing of legal address of the company

By making changes relating to the agreement of the company, you must keep in mind that they must be registered in KRS. Such changes include the change of the legal address. How to make such a change?

1. What is the reason for the change of location of company?
The change of location means a change in the status of the company and, therefore, the resolution on changing the headquarters is also a need for a change of the company agreement or Charter. It should be in the form prescribed in the contract of this company.

2. How to make changes of the headquarters of the company?
In addition to actions taken inside the company, that is, decision-making, etc., change was always associated with filling out forms and sending changes to KRS, attaching documentation and payment of the application and the announcement of changes in the MSiG. Definitely need to remember to register the change of location also in the ZUS, GUS and in the Tax office!

3. The most common mistakes when changing the headquarters of the company
First of all, you cannot confuse the change of legal address (address of the main office) with change of address to the correspondence of the society!
Preparation of formalities is not very complicated, but often happens that the forms were incorrectly filled, not enough necessary information, forgotten about a significant document or perform the necessary actions within the company. Theoretically, the issue of changing the headquarters may not look complex, but you should think about using the assistance of a professionals to avoid mistakes, reopening the case or any extra costs.