During our practice we have served versatile consulting to foundations, public funds, corporations and individual investors.

Shelf companies

If you are already convinced of the advantages of running business in Poland and planning to enter the European market in the future, but you do not want to waste time and energy on niche selection and registration of a company, please contact us and we will help to solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

The service of purchasing a ready-made company is now gaining popularity due to clear advantages.
When purchasing registered in the recent time, LCC, you get a full package of necessary documents to start your business. Documents of our ready-made company have already passed all the necessary authorities (tax office, national court register, statistical office). This will save your time.
Also you will get all necessary numbers (NIP, REGON, KRS, etc.)
The company will have its legal address, which you can change on your own.
The company was registered in tax authority and the minimum capital has paid by us.

You will get a Bank account, as well as a full tax and financial statements at the time of purchase of the company.
You will also receive a document that bears a corporate character.
Buying a ready-made company, you:

  • first of all save your time, effort and money
  • will get the opportunity to start a business on the day of purchase
  • will get a guarantee about a clear history of the company
  • if necessary, we will include in the list of documents a license for business activities and prepare documents for the sale and purchase of shares in the future.