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Useful articles

Small Payment Institution. Continuation

 Continuing the subject of SPI registration (you can read the previous article by clicking the link: https://business-in-poland.eu/ru/articles/view/maloe-platejnoe-uchrejdenie/ ) in this article you will find a more detailed description of the requirements and options, which includes a Small Payment Institution.

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Сhanges in polish tax law. PIT for youth till 26 y.o.

 On 01 August 2019 amendment of the PIT Act entered into force. All employees who have not reached the age of 26 until August 2019 receive an income tax benefit, which is the complete absence of PIT tax. The benefit applies to almost all types of employment contracts, except for  contract of mandate (umowa o dzieło), internship or graduate contract, and is not available to self-employed.

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How to sell a sole proprietorship

 A sole proprietorship is an established and registered in accordance with the Law business activity,  which consists of self-employed business of unincorporated enterprise.

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