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Discounts for beginning entrepreneurs!

Starting a business involves paying social security contributions (compulsory social security, medical insurance and labor fund). This applies to individual entrepreneurs in Poland. However, a novice entrepreneur can take advantage of preferential conditions to pay ZUS contributions and reduce taxes.

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The Central Register Of Beneficial Owners

Under the  Act on Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, on October 13th, 2019 in order to develop procedures for the prevention of "money laundering" and terrorist financing an open Central Register of Beneficial Owners was launched in Poland.

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Simplified procedures for importing goods into european union member states

Entrepreneurs who want to import their goods into EU Member States can use several types of simplified customs clearance procedures. In the first case, an incomplete customs declaration may be submitted (without several documents from the list). Unfortunately, this procedure is available for companies with the status of a trusted exporter or importer. For those who do not have this status, there is another type which allows you to deliver goods and  comply with formalities  not at customs, but in special places.

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Small Payment Institution. Continuation

 Continuing the subject of SPI registration (you can read the previous article by clicking the link: https://business-in-poland.eu/ru/articles/view/maloe-platejnoe-uchrejdenie/ ) in this article you will find a more detailed description of the requirements and options, which includes a Small Payment Institution.

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Сhanges in polish tax law. PIT for youth till 26 y.o.

 On 01 August 2019 amendment of the PIT Act entered into force. All employees who have not reached the age of 26 until August 2019 receive an income tax benefit, which is the complete absence of PIT tax. The benefit applies to almost all types of employment contracts, except for  contract of mandate (umowa o dzieło), internship or graduate contract, and is not available to self-employed.

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