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Useful articles

Advantages of using virtual office services

 If you want to start a business in Poland and you don’t have your own office premises, it is worth considering using the services of a virtual office. In this article, we present the principles of cooperation with a virtual office and the advantages of this solution.

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Recognition of a foreign diploma

 A foreign diploma may be treated as equivalent to a Polish diploma on the basis of an international agreement specifying equivalence, and in the absence of such an international agreement - through the recognition procedure.

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International Money Transfers

 In the modern world it’s became much more easier to help relatives, to pay for a deal and to pay for goods for a foreign company thank to accessible and updated money transfer system. Now it is very important to find a transfer system that would allow you to send funds to the right country in a certain currency and at the same time be fast, reliable and user friendly.

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Registration of a car purchased outside of Poland

 According to Polish law, a vehicle imported from abroad must be registered within 30 days of its importing into the territory of Poland. Failure to comply with this obligation could lead to the possibility for the imposition of an administrative penalty of up to PLN 1000. In this article we describe details and documents to be submitted in order to register a used car imported from the European Union or third countries, and what fees should be paid during registration.

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Estonian CIT from 2021

 In order to encourage Polish companies to invest, the government decided to introduce a solution in Poland which is called Estonian CIT, a taxation model that has been successfully operating in Estonia for 20 years. Pursuant to the new regulations, from 2021, Polish capital companies will be able to pay corporate income tax (CIT) only at the time of payment of profits, provided that certain requirements are met, which we will describe below.

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