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Redemption of shares in a limited liability company

 Shares in a limited liability company may be redeemed. The redemption of shares is regulated by the provisions of Art. 199 of the Commercial Companies Code. In practice, the redemption of shares is accompanied by a reduction in the company's share capital. The redemption takes place upon registration of the share capital reduction in the registry court.

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Company merger

 According to the Commercial Companies Code, a merger can be done in two ways. The first method is a consolidation by way of acquisition, that is, the acquired company transfers all its property to another company (acquiring), in exchange for shares that the acquiring company issues to the partners of the acquired company. The second option is a merger by creating a new business entity, to which the property of all merging companies is transferred for shares of the newly founded companies. A business company (limited liability company) can merge with each other and with partnerships (general partnership, limited partnership), however, the partnership cannot be an acquiring or a new company.

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Electronic signature vs ePUAP

 Modern technologies allow to solve many issues via the Internet. Transactions carried out on the Internet must be properly confirmed - it is necessary to prove that the specified person performs the transaction. Special services for remote identity verification have been created. In Poland, these are the ePUAP system and qualified electronic signature. In this article, will discuss their advantages and differences.

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Polish investment zone

 On March 10, 2018, the Act on supporting new investments was adopted, which introduced changes the exemption of income tax - PIT or CIT, to adapt the legal provisions to the needs of entrepreneurs. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs who implement new investments can take advantage of tax exemptions throughout the country, in public or private areas. Existing permits for doing business in Special Economic Zones (SSEs) remain in effect until the end of 2026. The amendment of 31 July 2019 also provided the possibility to support investments in areas with undeveloped mineral deposits. As a result, the scope of areas where businesses can obtain tax exemptions has been expanded.

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Social contributions in Poland

 Social contributions in Poland includes pension insurance, disability pension, sickness and maternity insurance, and accidents insurance at work and occupational diseases (so-called accident insurance). In addition, there is medical insurance, which guarantees medical care under the National Health Fund, that is, provides access to public health care in clinics and hospitals. In this article will try to explain the rules of social insurance in Poland, that is, when insurance is compulsory, when voluntary, and when a person is not subject to all insurance (neither voluntarily nor compulsory). It all depends on the type of insurance.

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